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Your Dashboard, Your Choice

Take over the driver seat to understand how one fleet, or the entire fleet is performing, to understand respective fleet and overall performance

Emission Tracking

Precise tracking of energy and fuel consumption, offering insights tailored for both Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles

Granular Breakdown

Cruise through the finer details of carbon emission per trip to understand areas of improvement & implement sustainability strategies 
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CO2X Solution

A Journey to Sustainability

The Tracking 
Our data acquisition technology is powered by Ascent Solution, a leader in the industrial Internet-of-Things, namely track-and-trace within the logistics industry. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Ascent's Smart Telematics vertical powers the tracking of each vehicle through IoT sensors and devices. 
The Crunching 
Data acquired are analysed by a series of Artificial Intelligent models, trained by Evercomm, a green-tech and engineering firm, to calculate each vehicle's carbon footprint and baseline against industry standards. 
The Trust
Immutable via Blockchain on ESGpedia, our Carbon Emission Reduction certificates establish an unwavering connection to financial institutions. This blockchain fortification streamlines self-disclosure, green accreditation, and fast-tracks green financing eligibility – holding the key to a sustainable future.
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Unlocking Massive Value and Sustainable Opportunities 
for All Businesses

Financial Institutions

Eliminate the Complexity of Going Green

We help you navigate complex regulatory and compliance frameworks that govern sustainability and green finance so that you don’t have to

Trust Technology to Automate Carbon Footprint Computation

We build based on internationally accepted carbon footprint computation modes and data acquisition standards onto a trusted blockchain infrastructure

Adopt Data-driven Strategies to Reduce Carbon Emmission

Use existing and new data to gain new insights on your carbon footprint and adopt data-measurable strategies to reduce emissions which in turn reduce fuel and energy costs to your business

Access Green Financial Services 

We produce data and reports that are compliant with financial sector requirements so that accessing sustainability linked loans, investments and insurance can be hassle-free

Seek Green Accreditation at a Fraction of the Price

We provide real-time tracking of your carbon emissions and can customise reports and analysis required for accreditation through our 3rd party verification partners

Financial Institutions

Reduce Investment Risks Related to New Green Technologies/Projects

Greater traceability allows investors to trust portfolio corporates and data acquired and reflected, such that investment decisions can be made with more confidence (accelerating the closing of the large funding gap)

Enhanced traceability on the “Greenness” of Investments

We offer greater traceability of investment portfolios through continuous real-time monitoring and reporting of companies’ sustainability commitments on a single platform

Engage in more well-informed ESG investment decisions

Greater traceability allows investors to trust portfolio corporates and data acquired and reflected, such that investment decisions can be made with more confidence (accelerating the closing of the large funding gap)

Support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Through Inclusive Capital Mobilisation to SMEs

Be an industry leader in the inclusive mobilisation of green capital to help corporates of all sizes (e.g. Small, Medium and Large) to access sustainability linked financial services which in turn contribute to the realisation of SDGs and the closing of the US$2.6 trillion ESG funding gap

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I participate?

We are inviting selected partners to join our current beta phase. You may join us any time, simply register your interest and we will get back to you quickly.

2. What fee does my corporate incur if I am interested to participate?

Participation is free-of-charge. Register your interest here. Please contact our team if you have any further questions on pricing, and we will be happy to assist you!

3. My corporate is interested in being part of CO2 Connect (CO2X), but we are not from the Transportation and Logistics sector. Can I still join?

Yes! CO2 Connect (CO2X) has identified the Transportation and Logistics sector as the first stepping stone to commercialisation since it is one of the most polluting sectors in Singapore, and globally. We are more than happy to serve all other sectors, subject to industry demand. Contact us to find out more.

4. If my company does not follow any of the standards your technology platform offers, do I have to make a switch?

CO2 Connect (CO2X) offers a highly flexible solution that can be tailored to your needs. Should your firm already have a preferred industry recognised standard that you have been using, you do not have to make any changes. Contact us to find out more.

5. My company has already adopted a real-time track and trace solution. Can I still join?

Yes! CO2 Connect (CO2X) can use your existing data and plug it to our Data Analytics platform for the churning of valuable structured information. We may also conduct health checks of your existing data acquisition to ensure high quality information is produced. Contact us to find out more.

6. Will all my company's information be accessible to the public on the blockchain?

No. CO2 Connect (CO2X) understands the importance of data privacy. We run on a permissioned blockchain, therefore data accessibility is only available to authorised parties (e.g. certifiers/auditors, etc.) upon request and agreements.

7. What industry standards does CO2 Connect follow?

CO2 Connect (CO2X) currently adopts ISO, GRI, TCFD standards. We also work with EY to identify and recommend the most suitable standards for your corporate, should this be your first step into green and sustainability. Should your corporate already have industry recognised standards adopted, CO2 Connect (CO2X) is happy to accommodate them. Contact us to find out more.

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